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Inappropriate gentleman’s ride

But who would be man of the mile

We had a blast at last year’s Malle Mile. We left thinking “How will they ever top that?” and this year they answered us…

Yet again The Mile ticked all the boxes of the perfect garden party; bikes, racing, having a laugh and meeting like minded people.

The venue, a 17th Century manor house on the outskirts of London, may have been the same but Robert Nightingale, one of the two motorcycling brains behind the event, had worked hard to give the calendar highlight a little extra grunt.


A slalom Hill Climb, in partnership with Hedon Helmets, pushed some of the vintage/custom dirt bikes and scramblers to their limits while the eighth of a mile Sprint was similar to last year’s grass-track drag race.

“We did have a few surprises up our sleeves though,” insisted Robert Nightingale, organiser and co-founder of the London-based leather brand.

“This year riders got points from each race they entered and the 50 who won all of their heats over the day competed in ‘The Derby’, our final knock-out race of the day, with riders vying for ‘Man of The Mile’ podium position.”

A mile of smiles

‘The Roughs’ track pushed the ‘taking part versus winning concept’ up a notch too – a short track inspired by the agility course at Crufts dog show saw each rider invited to attempt a timed lap of the obstacle course… on the Malle Monkey Bike.

Robert said: “It was ridiculous fun as was the after party. Deus Records flew in amazing DJ’s from around the world for a fantastic dance party in the depths of the Manor House until late!”

Another new addition to this year’s event was the Moto-TP, a 40ft teepee where a ‘new’ 1908 pristine Indian Boardtracker built by Nick Pearce and a photography exhibition of the Ton-Up Boys by Merry Michau, took pride of place.